When it comes to healthcare facility planning, CMW in Lexington, Kentucky enjoys a reputation with our clients for being a full-service architecture, planning and design firm that seeks imaginative solutions within a framework of proven and familiar techniques. We know the healthcare business and understand the many facets that influence and drive the industry. CMW offers comprehensive architectural services for a wide range of building types and projects, including new construction, sustainable design and renovation. CMW is multi-faceted with extensive experience in the design of high-quality healthcare facilities. Creating environmentally sensitive and responsive designs is a vital part of our mission and we recognize the long-lasting impact of our work.

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With our strong history and commitment to design excellence, CMW is dedicated to serving our clients through open communication and collaboration, architectural innovation and an unparalleled work ethic. Through the strong relationships we build with each of our clients, our work strives to produce lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. CMW’s commitment to its mission allows us to best serve our clients and further ensures that our clients receive all the benefit of our broad experience, our long-standing record of design excellence and the innovative use of technology-driven design and cost control. CMW’s project experience encompasses design and master planning services for virtually all types of medical facilities including new hospitals, hospital renovations, outpatient facilities, medical office buildings, long-term care and assisted living. CMW understands that healthcare facilities must be flexible and adaptable to respond to the rapidly changing environment. Our visionary team of dedicated architects, engineers and interior designers work with our clients to define their goals, strengthen their mission and create patient-focused environments that meet the unique challenges of healthcare design. Our collaborative process incorporates input from administration, physicians and staff to create patient-centered environments that promote healing, reduce stress and help staff work more efficiently. No matter what the needs are, CMW supports our clients’ missions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Healthcare has shifted from a volume-driven practice to a value-driven practice. Smart front-end thinking goes a long way. CMW goes to great lengths to substantiate our solutions with hard data. Healthcare facilities are inherently complex. Designing these facilities requires developing and implementing concepts that will represent transformative built solutions. Healthcare is a complex and diverse business enterprise that is in incredible flux. Each facility struggles to know the best next step to take. However, each facility knows their next step must offer an appropriate ROI. We design to meet changing patient and staff needs, while keeping both construction and operating efficiency in mind. Our approach involves integrating the latest research and data to make informed and evidence-based design decisions. CMW is a client- focused, service oriented architecture firm that knows healthcare. We provide design solutions that support the advancement of healthcare, positioning our clients to bring the best in service, health and healing to those who seek to provide it.

CMW provides a variety of in-house services, including master planning, programming and architectural services, from design through construction administration. CMW understands the economies, critical aspects and general goals of development within a specific project budget. Our professionals understand the important factors to keep in mind, including land costs, pro forma requirements, timelines and communication. We continually focus on creating new and innovative building forms and layouts that maximize efficiency and outperform competing buildings and projects, regardless of market conditions. With our strong history and commitment to design excellence, CMW is dedicated to serving our clients through open communication and collaboration, architectural innovation and an unparalleled work ethic.

In this dynamic environment, healthcare organizations must understand the new opportunities they have to position their facilities to deliver the best patient outcomes. Our healthcare teams design beautiful, sustainable and affordable facilities that help our clients improve the health of patients and communities at lower costs.

As one of Kentucky’s most established and respected architectural firms, located in Lexington, Kentucky, CMW stands ready to go to work for you, providing a diverse range of healthcare facility planning services.