Inspired and successful architecture is the result of a great collaboration between the architect and the client. By understanding our clients’ needs and objectives and serving as a trusted advisor throughout the design process, CMW strives not only to create great buildings, but equally important, to foster and establish great relationships.

Located in the heart of the Bluegrass, CMW has grown into one of Kentucky’s leading architectural firms in Civic, Commercial, Detention, Education, Equine, Healthcare, Historic Preservation, Hospitality, Justice, Religious and Residential design. The architects at CMW specialize in providing thoughtful and detailed solutions to the complex architectural challenges of building projects. CMW’s broad experience gives us the ability to provide effective design and construction guidance on a wide range of project types and styles, from traditional to contemporary, from those with small budgets to those with multi-million dollar budgets.

We are team players and enjoy working and coordinating with consultants, owners and general contractors that share this same attitude. Our design and production teams work together to execute project tasks effectively and on time. CMW offers a collaborative design process, where we welcome and encourage clients to be integral and essential members of the project team. Every project is unique, giving rise to its own distinctive design. A thorough analysis of design alternatives, creative investigation of possibilities, careful preliminary programming and proper planning can set the stage for effective solutions. Effective administration of the construction contract is vitally important to the success of a project. Our architects have designed buildings that are decidedly modern, while others are inspired by history. Other designs reflect classical and traditional influences. With our strong history and commitment to design excellence, CMW is dedicated to serving our clients through open communication and collaboration, architectural innovation and an unparalleled work ethic. Through the strong relationships we build with each of our clients, our work strives to produce lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. CMW’s commitment to its mission allows us to best serve our clients and further ensures that our clients receive all the benefit of our broad experience, our long-standing record of design excellence and the innovative use of technology-driven design and cost control. CMW has the experience, knowledge and creative staff to provide an excellent solution for each specific project.

As one of Kentucky’s most established architectural firms, it’s quite an honor to have served so many clients over the past 55+ years. When we think about the advances in technology and architecture since our founding, the only things that have remained the same are our passion for innovative design, the ability to listen to our clients and develop a fresh approach to their project demands. CMW’s Management and Staff represent some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the region. With a passion for creating innovative design ideas, as well as serving the needs of our clients, it is truly CMW’s commitment to excellence that makes the difference.