Interior Design

In addition to being a leading architectural firm, CMW in Lexington, Kentucky is a leading commercial interior design firm. Over 55 years of experience in creating outstanding commercial interior design solutions gives CMW a unique ability to develop a winning solution for your business. CMW was established with the vision to provide clients exceptional service with the highest standard in project management and client relations. It is the commitment to our vision that allows CMW to provide our clients the level of service that they deserve. Our commercial interior design expertise is rivaled only by our listening skills. Creativity is a marvelous thing, especially when it’s applied wisely. At CMW we pair creative thinking with sound business strategies to help our clients become more productive. For us, successful interior design requires a skillful balance of business savvy and artistry.

At CMW, our award-winning architects and interior designers operate from the principle that good design is born out of our unique ability to truly listen to our clients. Working together with our clients we design interior spaces that are functional, attractive and enhance the user’s experience. With a passion for great light, textures, patterns and shapes, our interior design team works diligently to create interior designs that embody our clients’ tastes and that are memorably experienced by our clients’ own customers. Every material, surface, finish and color contributes to the emotional impact of an interior space. So, CMW considers the interrelatedness of every commercial interior with the structure itself, providing functional and aesthetic complements to architecture.

CMW is a creative and innovative, multi-disciplined firm providing a diverse range of services in architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and commercial interior design. The cornerstone of our business has been built on a total commitment to service and addressing our clients’ needs. Creativity is reflected not only in our interior designs, but in the way we approach every step of the design process. CMW is always on the forefront, researching the latest materials, technology and design techniques, in order to provide the most aesthetic, value-added and environmentally-friendly solutions available. CMW closely examines a project and the potential influence the project will have on the community. CMW believes a well- designed built environment encourages growth and improvement among its people.