Sustainable design is an integral part of the CMW process. In fact, sustainable design and engineering are constant focuses at CMW. Obtaining LEED certification on numerous projects, along with incorporating sustainable construction methods on every project, is our way of being good stewards to the earth and doing our best to protect the resources that have provided us with the opportunities to practice these professions.

Using an integrated design process, CMW carefully considers how the buildings we are creating will relate to the surrounding’s urban landscape and to their ecological setting. Our design teams aim to reduce each building’s environmental impact:

  • Sustainable site planning
  • Safeguarding water and water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  • Improved indoor environmental quality

Working to make economically, environmentally and socially responsible choices, CMW offers specialized sustainability services that create enduring value through cost reductions and energy optimization. Our long-standing client relationships allow CMW to redefine the scope from a near-sighted view to one of collaboration and understanding that endures over time.

We identify specific sustainability and performance outcomes that are targeted, defined,long-term outcomes for the facility guided by key principles:

  • High performance, efficient and cost effective
  • Occupant and user health and wellness
  • Community engagement and public wellbeing
  • Inspiration and connectivity
  • Resiliency and adaptability

CMW has a rigorous quality and sustainability assurance checklist process to ensure that sustainable design features are always considered, whether the project is targeting LEED certification or not. This process includes our clients, helping to assure them that the standard of sustainability being reached will promote staff attraction and retention, operational cost savings and will support the organization’s reputation as environmentally responsible and economically sound. The CMW team is comprised of people committed to partnering with our clients to be responsible stewards for the environment. CMW delivers solutions that satisfy people’s needs, improve the environment and provide value for our clients while creating memorable places. Our ability to integrate high performance into all our planning and design solutions, combined with our sustainable consulting expertise, enables CMW to provide life-cycle sustainable services for our clients. Using our integrated design approach, CMW team members seek to reduce the operating footprint of its buildings, while creating productive, healthy and long-lasting environments.

Our work at CMW reflects the belief that sustainability and design are two sides of the same coin – balanced, integrated and inseparable. They are pieces of a coherent, place-based approach to building that successfully merges with the landscape. Simply defined, sustainable design is smart design that looks beyond the building and considers the larger context.

CMW has established a reputation for the design of sensible, sustainable environments. In our view, green design is good design.

CMW’s vision empowers us to seek answers to difficult challenges. Global climate change, resource security and resilience have sharpened our collective recognition of the true limits of the world.