Trails & Pathways

As landscape architects, CMW makes decisions that will influence the daily lives of people for years to come. Every aspect of the environments we experience in the development of Trails and Pathways influences our mood, actions and opinions. Our design philosophy is collaborative and rooted in the manifestation of the experience. The experience being the most important element of any design both allows and dictates that we develop the place not to provide an identical experience in any other environment. Whether we are working on a college campus, a community park or a corporate office, our intent is to create the opportunities for experiences that will encourage use of the space, giving it life and character. Not only do Trails and Pathways provide alternative transportation options that encourage active, healthy lifestyles, they are an integral part of a vibrant, sustainable community.

Here are some examples of CMW’s great work:

  • Elizabethtown Nature Park | Elizabethtown, KY
  • First Southern Veterans Park | Stanford, KY
  • Kentucky Horse Park | Lexington, KY
  • Lake Reba Sports Park | Richmond, KY
  • Lover’s Lane Soccer Complex | Bowling Green, KY
  • Panther Creek Park | Owensboro, KY
  • Sleepy Hollow Shared-Use Trail | Cumberland, KY
  • Whitehall Park | Richmond, KY
  • W.T. Young Library | University of Kentucky Campus