Parks & Recreation

CMW offers the great leadership of an outstanding Parks and Recreation planning team. Since our founding, CMW has specialized in creating design solutions that meet our clients’ expectations and we’ve enhanced the communities in which they are located. Our philosophy is that the best designs come out of a collaborative process. Our people work constantly to achieve quality results by applying good design practices, the latest technologies and unequalled teamwork. CMW is dedicated to providing cutting edge design solutions to enable our clients to implement their goals, regardless of size, scope or complexity.

CMW has expertise in all of the following projects:

  • Aquatic Centers
  • Lacrosse Centers
  • Nature Parks
  • Passive Parks
  • Soccer Complexes
  • Sports Parks
  • State Parks
  • Veterans Parks

Bourbon County Sports Comlpex

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Elizabethtown Nature Park

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Sunny Brook Park

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